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Hey AOL customers! Ever get tired of hearing that AOL guy say "Welcome!" and "File's Done!" and "You've got Mail!" and "Goodbye!" every time you use the system? Ever get the urge to replace or even disable them? Well we here at The Daily Feed decided to ask one of our editors, Max Knobny to record some replacements, and here they are!
Inspired by a piece we aired earlier in the year called America on the Line: An AOL Defense we decided to offer these Max sound bites along with directions on how to replace the AOL provided sound files with Max's.
So all you need do to get them is click on any of the AOL "channels" in the imagemap below (or, there's an alternative method if your browser doesn't support image maps.)
If you are using AOL's browser, it'll download the file then offer you a little button to play it (it will automatically play once). While you see the button, choose Save As... from the popdown menu (I believe <ctrl-S> also works) and save the file where you like.
If you are using Netscape and you get one of those little LiveAudio control player popups, right click anywhere in it and you'll see Save As... which you can use to save the file once you've heard it.
Oh and if your browser doesn't let you save them, click on the AOL logo in the imagemap to download them all in a self extracting archive. Click on the "Find" oval to get directions on how to extract them and how to replace the AOL guy's voice on your system.
Column 1 contains "Welcome!" replacements, the first seven in column 2 can replace "You've got Mail!", the last one in column 2 and the first 4 of column 3 offer "File's Done!" replacements, and the last four can take the place of "Goodbye!" All of the buttons across the bottom will send you to AOL's homepage, provided as a courtesy to AOL.
MAC USERS! We have not forgotten you! A helpful listener has supplied us with native format sounds and instructions just for you!

Max Bites AOL Imagemap
Click Here for Self-Extracting Archive of them all Welcome You Again? Start The Clock! Hey, you got on! You've Got Mail! You got pale! You've got Bail! You've got Tail! You've got snail! Here's your damn mail! You've got jail! File's Done! Trial's Done! Pile's Done! Hey! Pay attention over here! Too late, another virus! Goodbye G'won now, Git! 'Bout time you got off Hey! Where ya goin'? AOL on the Web AOL on the Web AOL on the Web AOL on the Web How to set it up on your machine

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