86 Newsreel Cover Art: Domes in Red Square

1986 Newsreel

The Daily Feed 1986 Newsreel


Includes Max in Moscow and the first hint of Iran-Contra.

Contents, Second Edition

... not that you could easily "cue" a particular story since we've mixed them together, but if you want to locate one, the following may help. Understand that even though we've included the "teaser" or title of the piece, in most cases the actual teaser has been omitted. Thanks for listening.

Side One Side Two
Teaser Program Subject Teaser Program Subject
Frank, what is this stuff? Space Shuttle Meese Porn Commission, Markham
Poles in space Shuttle, 3 stooges Liability Insurance Insurance Prices, Markham
Polygraph tests Max/Reagan Press Conference Starship Repairs Starship
Budget cuts Gramm Rudman Early Tax Research Time Travel
More spies everywhere Spies Royal Wedding Wedding Song
Hey, take that stuff with you Nuclear waste sites, Frank August August in DC, Frank
Junkie Bonds Mergers, Peter Markham It's Hot Summer in DC, Markham
News Junkie DC: News town, Markham What Bomb? Pakistan
Ancestry Fossil discovery All the Above Drug testing
Never too old President's age Trashing the Treaty Salt II
I wonder what's become of Halley's Comet song Every morning, the painter... Helga song
Hatchet Job Phillipine Elections As the disaster unchurns Chernobyl Update
Marcos Concession Speech Song I think George has mellowed... Max/Reagan press conference
Equal excess Long distance phone Annual lament The passing of summer
Eliminate some fat Max/Reagan press conference The New Deal Boris/Max, Arrest #1
Agriculture Block quits Spy shell game take 2 Boris/Max #2
Strategic decoyum SDI Titski for Tatski Boris/Max #3
Supreme court falsehoods Lies in court Latest negotiations Boris/Max #4
Who needs all these moons? Voyager spacecraft, Frank Let's trade Yurchenko for our chenko Daniloff song
OPEC Price of oil The last sound heard... Reagan U.N. Speech
Teach testing Texas teacher test If you don't get on that plane Boris/Max #5
Starship Acid Rain Intermediate range summit Max in Iceland
Underground rock Nuclear testing Incidentally, we're not violating... Reagan Post-Iceland
Mechanical frogs in space Shuttle, Libya Latest Titski for Tatski U.S. Soviet Embassies
Message to the people Contra song I don't lie Max at State Department
Monitored Mediterranean Transmissions Kdaffy Duck Tax tables turned New tax law
What meltdown? Boris/Chernobyl How big is it Ed? Meese-Porn
Sweedish meatballs Chernobyl Ed Meesestone & Ronald Rubble Who wrote this?
Deaver Michael K. Deaver, Markham Constitutional Philandering Meese, Frank's Commentary
Pay raise For Congress Will you tell me please, who won? The Election
Soviet violations Starship, Treaties Two heads are better Poindexter as Popeye x 2
Gadhafi's New Name Kdaffy Duck Puzzle Pieces Iran Chronology
Graduation Markham commencement speech I've seen stories about a Danish tramp Max/Reagan, Iran
It's time for an up & down Max/Reagan Press Conference I've asked Atty. General Meese to brief you Max/Meese, Iran
Pornographists Meese commission This is unusual Max/Meese, Iran #2
Tools of Trade Iran, Frank Commentary

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© Dryden Clarke Audio, Inc. Darth Gorbachev appears courtesy of DARK SIDE Records

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