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2002 Daily Feed Newsreel

Now Available!

Our latest release is Now Available!
This year's newsreel is titled TUR The 2002 Daily Feed Newsreel. Be the first on your block to find out the results of the voting from this year's feeds.
GrabMax Marketbagging is now shipping the CDs.
Low Prices Continue! Once again our new CD attempts to slide in under the average major label everyday price at it's always low price: $12.75. Also, for the last several years we've offered two-fer and three-feroffers. We're continuing that deal this year: Buy two or more CDs and pay the low low price of just ten bucks each! That's one for $12.75, 2 for $20.00, 3 for $30.00, etc.
You can order from GrabMax Marketbagging here, online, and while you're at it get a Daily Feed t-shirt too! Baltimore/Washington DC area listeners: If you prefer to purchase the Newsreel in one of the retail outlets (which we encourage), check out the list of locations, they should be available in stores for all your newsreel shopping needs. You should be able to find many of our previous newsreels there as well, so collect them all! And buy other stuff there too, they'll like that.

If you would prefer to order the newsreel or a t-shirt over voice lines (the telephone), call Grabmax at 1-800-GRABMAX (that's 1-800-472-2629). You may also send a fax to that same number with all the info listed on the GrabMax MarketBagging online order form.
Cut Listing For This Year's CD:
  1. A Message from Arthur Anderson
  2. Newsreel (The Axis of Evil, Part 1 Iran)
  3. Share Time Minutes, A Cell Phone Commercial
  4. Axis to The Bunker (Axis of Evil, Part 2 Iraq)
  5. The Evil Trilogy (Axis of Evil, Part 3 Korea)
  6. Kim On The Beaches - Kim Addresses Kim
  7. Chinese Clarifications - President Jiang on Evil
  8. The Office Spurious Information
  9. Roll Out A Vegetable Garden
  10. Taliban Radio Is Back!
  11. Rhode Island Falls Off, The Ice Shelf
  12. More Taliban In Exile Radio
  13. Patriotic Dollars Only For This Sale
  14. Terrorist Scuba Divers
  15. The President Announces The Department of Government
  16. White Collar Terrorists, An Insurance Announcement
  17. Corporats, Arrests To Quell The Market
  18. Take Two Of These Prescription Drugs
  19. Two Twenty-Six, July 4th Threatened By Terror?
  20. The Abu Tape - Osama Is Alive!
  21. Hardened Bunker
  22. The Knobny Klondyke Fund
  23. Commemorative Kitsch (for sale by Taliban Radio)
  24. Them Vs Us, Is There Politics In Terror?
  25. Saddam-FM, Baghdad Radio
  26. Bye Bob Barr, A Lament From The Satirical Society
  27. Logging, On
  28. President Bush On Domestic Spying
  29. WarToons
  30. Is Bad Meat The President's Fault?
  31. Predator, The Search For Mr. Cheney
  32. Coasters Screech To A Halt, The Autumn Lament
  33. A Nuclear Explanation From ...Probably Kim
  34. Trick Or Trick, A White House Halloween Play
  35. Killer TV: A Cable TV Promo For Their Sniper Coverage
  36. The Last Halloween Play
  37. Comply! A Message From Osama
  38. Please, Come Sell These Cable Ads For Us, Please!
  39. A Message From The Terrorism Insurance Cartel
  40. Frank Convicted By The Secret Court
  41. First Meeting Of The Homeland Dept Employees
  42. The Starship Styrofoam
  43. Episode Two, The Starship Styrofoam
  44. Styrofoam III, Mr. Worf Decides
  45. Song Of The GAO
  46. The Styrofoam Attempts Disarmament
  47. A Drug Company TV Commercial
  48. The Starship Styrofoam Exits

Daily Feed T-Shirt, CD, and Cassette Archive Information and Vendification:
2482 Lewis Lane
Finksburg, MD 21048
1-800-GrabMax (voice or fax)


Price CD: $12.75 It's supposed to look like a CD
Bundle Offer! Buy any two or more CDs ('95,'96,'97,'98,'99,'00,'01,'02) as a set for $10 each!

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