194 Newsreel Cover Art: Metermaid Bill C. tickets cars

You're Fine

The Daily Feed 1993 Newsreel


Also called Your Fine

Contents, First Edition
Side One Side Two
Attempting to operate the White House phones USA - OK Headlines
Clinton selling the plan A President Clinton Press Conference
Calls about the Clinton plan Robin Hood Scene IV
The state of the union speech Max explores non-Pepsi product tampering
A Washington soap opera An Information Highway FutureScape
New York Trade Center bombing update 3-D political sports highlights
The Starship Syrofoam on Clinton's mission The T-Ruth about Judge Ginsburg
A city dweller story Network TV violence warnings
Not a Ham in the Forest - Robin Hood Scene I The Skin Head plot to start a war
A Hearing Aid TV Spot A Capitol Hill TV soap opera
Fine upstanding American bombing suspects An insurance company claim denial workshop
The Lawn Mauler commercial Men in Tight Places - Robin Hood Scene V
Sir Bill of Jobs - Robin Hood Scene II Public TV pledge week
Branch Davidian voice mail Aliens search for abductees
Sister Mary Maximum's slide presentation The Summer Cheese Mold Sale
Our new computer answering system Everyone covered the Chinese food study
Information Super Highways Latest heath care board game
A presidential nightmare A radio traffic report
Clinton's popularity Get your kicks on Route 60.6 InfoHighway
Lawyer convention implements improvement President Clinton's Tax Raise Speech
Latest Building Boom, a bombing update Robin Hood Scene VI
An automated sales call Society of Health Insurance Trustees spot
The Styrofoam's continuing mission SHIFT-CONTROL-$ InfoHighway mergers
Robin Hood Scene III Another health advocacy spot
Precipe From the Part-A DinoLawyer Spot Max and the rats aboard the shuttle
You're Still OK more USA-OK News

On The Cassette Itself

Side 1 Side 2
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You're Fine! 1993 Newsreel

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