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1997 Newsreel

No Controlling Legal Authority; The 1997 Daily Feed Newsreel Sneak Peek


Here's the newsreel cover art for 1997: No Controlling Legal Authority.
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(Cassette Side 1)
1 Introduction
2 You've Got Snail
3 Censure Already Here (The Gingrich Punishment)
4 CarSaleathon
5 America On The Line (An AOL Defense)
6 In A Galaxy Far Far Away (Clinton Star Wars Play)
7 Tears of a Clone (Max Experiments on Cloning)
8 Where's Johnny When You Need Him (Who Bombed Oklahoma City?)
9 A Slanted Stage (Max/Clinton Stage Play)
10 Technical Support (Max as Customer Support)
11 Those Five Women (Max/Clinton Press Conference)
12 Collect Call (From The Democrats)
13 Resource Conflicts (Computer Program on Fundraising)
14 Resetting Jumpers For Campaign Defaults (See # 13)
15 They Odessa Rebate (The Ambassador of Texas)
16 Who My This Time? (Guess Who's Suing Everybody?)
17 Da Sweeps! (World's Scariest Exploding Clowns)
18 Think We Are Greyhound? (Aliens Issue PR Release About The Comet Suicides)
19 Local Alarmist News (The Strawberries Scare)
20 The Most Favors (China Tries To Buy MFN)
21 Latest Stupid Local Car Dealer Commercial
22 Heaven's Gate Stragglers (Another Suicide Message on Video Cassette)
23 Trial Against Reynolds Wrapped (A Cigarette Newscast)
24 Pass The Cookies (Tech Support, Your Cookie File)
24A Dot Dull (New Domain Name Extensions)
24B Phen/Fen (A Designer Speed Song)
(Cassette Side Two)
24C That Hamburger Has Ebonics! (Burger Czar Issues A Statement)
25 When Cows Get Mad (CSPI Says Lean Beef Isn't Lean)
26 Gasoline, The Best Lawn Product
27 The Family Money Trie (Explaining Chinese Money)
28 Lawyers For Mars Rocks
29 Smooth Character (Ad Agency for Camel)
30 Statement by The Chinese About The Hearings
30A Internet Privacy? (Too Late, They Got All Our Numbers)
30B Arm Ana Leg (New Rules From Your HMO)
30C Case Closed? (Aliens React To Air Force Roswell Denial)
31 The Straight and Narrow (Baptist's Boycott Disney)
32 The Government Ab Machine
33 Medical Marijuana
34 Frank's Don't Waste Summer Diatribe
35 An Airbag Demonstration
36 1-900-Soothsayer
36A That 100% Columbian (Aliens Attend A White House Coffee)
36B What Do The Tapes Show...(White House Coffee Tapes Released)
37 The Starship Styrofoam Encounters Probes
38 A Haunted White House (Max Writes His 1st Halloween Play)
39 The Styrofoam Encounters Al Borg
40 Control Panel (Microsoft vs. Justice Dept)
41 The Styrofoam Encounters Protrusionous Anomalies
41A The Witches of East Wing (The 2nd Max Halloween Play)
42 The Styrofoam Encounters It's Last Episode

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