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Lick The Geeks

Leap The Dips, Lakemont Park, Altoona PA

Side-Friction Global Policy in the 21st Century

2001 Daily Feed Newsreel

Our latest release is Now Available!
This year's newsreel is titled Lick The Geeks: Side-Friction Global Policy in the 21st Century - The 2001 Daily Feed Newsreel. Be the first on your block to find out the results of the voting from this year's feeds. This year's newsreel cover art includes shots of Leap The Dips, the Oldest Wooden Roller Coaster in America, in Altoona PA USA.
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Sam Sawyer and his ship
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From a View-Master (R) reel
Sam Sawyer
You can order from GrabMax Marketbagging here, online, and while you're at it get a Daily Feed t-shirt too! Baltimore/Washington DC area listeners: If you prefer to purchase the Newsreel in one of the retail outlets (which we encourage), check out the list of locations, they should be available in stores for all your newsreel shopping needs. You should be able to find many of our previous newsreels there as well, so collect them all! And buy other stuff there too, they'll like that.

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Newsreel Track Listing: As one of The Daily Feed editors put it: Through an incredible "botched Email" story, there are again bonus tracks. Yes, the 2001 Daily Feed Newsreel Lick the Geeks has some bonus tracks on the CD that are not listed on the CD insert because they were added after the inserts went to press. Or maybe because, to make them fit they'd have had to scale the font down so small as to make them illegible to the editors of The Daily Feed without forcing them to add yet another gradation to their multifocals.

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