89 Newsreel Cover Art: The (former) Daily Feed Building

A Capital Decade

The Daily Feed 1989 Newsreel


Also called A Capitol Decayed on the inside case liner & cassette label, side 2.

Intro to the '89 Newsreel
Contents, Second Edition
Side One Side Two
Month Program Subject Month Program Subject
Jan Frank & Max predictions for 1989 May Frank & Max on Bush's first 100 days
Jan DC Mayor Barry's latest drug scandal May The Bush-Qualye meeting on succession
Jan Libyan & US jets - what really happened? May A german song by Peter Markham
Jan Developments in the North trial May Nick Danger on Trash TV
Jan Mr. Reagan's farewell speech May Markham on George & Danny on Panama
Jan The Bush robot at the inaugural May Nick Danger on Bush's first hundred days
Jan Peter Markham on smoking on planes May A phoner w/the sherrif's deputy
Jan Complaints about the inaugural crown May A song for rifle clips
Feb Taxing savings for the S&L's May Bush calls Nick Danger
Feb Bush has Markham exhausted May Bush/USSR policy, a Frank commentary
Feb Bush/Max press conference on S&L's June Bush/Max press conference: party politics
Feb Will February end? A Frank commentary June The Ayatollah in heaven, a Markham bite
Feb Mr. Bush addressed the Congress June The environment skepticises on the Bush plan
Feb Nobody listens to Markham's advice
Feb Frank issues an apology to Islam June Markham on the elections in Greece
Mar The Bush robot breaks again June The missing Iran Contra documents
Mar Markham's Japanese imports June Bush/Gorbachev radio PR battle
Mar Nick Danger remembers model trains July Mid-Summer memories, a Frank diatribe
Mar Danger wait's for Ol' 99 July Time travel, political futures
Mar Frank and Max on the shuttle Aug Max directs a TV news simulation
Mar Nick Danger's client Aug Frank on tape, The listener call-in line
Mar J. Tower addresses the Senate Sep A commercial for pyramid sales persons
Mar The Ethical & Boring Song Sep Jim Bakker reached by phone in the hospital
Mar Frank w/Mr. Jefferson on drug testing Sep Max recruited as a Columbian judge
Mar "Ayatollah Moon" by Peter Markham Sep The Bush drug speech
Apr Exxon Driving School Sep Mr. Jefferson talks about the drug business
Apr Max tries cold fusion Sep "Esso-B" the clean-up in Alaska
Apr Bush press conference on Iran-Contra Oct Bennett/White House education summit flap
Apr Max DJs Top 40 Radio Nov USA-OK Newsbites from Frank
Nov Nick Danger on the comics page
Nov Max participates in a political game show
Dec Bushy the Squirrel w/DanWinkle

Photo: The Daily Feed Building by D. Randal Allen Newsreel Piano by Max Thanks to Mike Dawson, Richard Lion, Connie and Sarah, Mike, Mark, Wes, Stacie, Dan, Phil, Dan, Rhonda, Leron le Grand et Jean Le Petit, Randy & Patricia, and JAF Ford Advertising. Special thanks to David Allison, Jeff Henderson, and WHFS-FM.

Where's Lloyd Baskin?

© Dryden Clarke Audio, Inc. George Bush appears courtesy of Reluctant Records

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