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Visit our former sponsors online where applicable, in person otherwise. Or call them. Or write. Go to their homes, pet their dogs, do their lawn. And buy all their stuff. Twice.

I hope that didn't come across as too pushy.
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America Online

Easyriders is an authorized dealer of BigDog Motorcycles
Capital Easyriders Authorized BigDog Dealers

The Rock, a 4 level dance/sports/billiards bar in Washington DC
The Rock

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Far Out Lounge
Far Out Lounge

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The Daily Feed Audience
The Daily Feed can put together a custom advertising and sponsorship package that includes some of the following exciting features:
  • Over 62% of Daily Feed listeners are between the ages of 18 and 35, 34% between 36 and 55.
World Wide Web
  • Static banner on prime pages within site (rotation available soon)
  • Sponsored content areas tailored to your needs
  • Custom made animated GIF banners for maximum impact in minimal download time
  • Visitor typical advertisment view time between 60 and 90 seconds (how many web pages can say that?)
  • 33% of visitors have a bachelors degree, 23% have a masters degree in college while 24% are still in school.
  • The Daily Feed airs regularly on some of the country's more progressively minded stations
  • Custom written and professionally performed ad copy
  • Over 14 years of on-air radio experience
  • Audio advertisements may also be included in RealAudio format on the web pages, broadcasting your message to the world
  • 38% surfers make over $30,000 (individual income) per annum; 15% make over $50,000/yr. Of course, household income may be higher.

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