88 Newsreel Cover Art: Nick Danger on a street corner

1988 Newsreel

The Daily Feed 1988 Newsreel


The Firesign Theatre's Nick Danger Conducts apolitical investigations and dominates the front cover of The Daily Feed 1988 Newsreel

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Liner Notes, First Edition

This is the FIRST EDITION copy of our 1988 Newsreel. At press time, (November, 1988) the final contents were still being influenced by WHFS-FM listeners in Baltimore/Washington DC. For detailed contents, please send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope after January 20, 1989. Remind us that you have a 1st edition copy-88 Newsreel

Liner Notes, Second Edition
Second Edition, Side One Second Edition, Side Two
Jan Prediction Competition between
Frank and Max
July Randy Rabbit on Meese's resignation
July The American Society of Satirists - Meese
Jan What did Bush know about Iran-Contra? July Political mail bag
Jan The Bud building (winter) July Nick Danger gets an audience at the bank
Feb Bush TV spot (Iowa) July Larry, Moe & The Attorney Gen'ls. office
Feb Bush vs. Max (a la Bush vs. Rather) July Max returns calls to phone solicitors
Feb The Cuomo song July Nick Danger rearranges his loan
Feb Meese hearing (pipeline) Aug Markam on Dukakis
Feb Larry, Moe & Meese Aug A Meese paid press conference
Feb The Noriega calling song Aug Nick Danger passes out
Feb Winter political Olympics Aug Fred and Barney as Messe & Reagan
March History of aspirin Aug Don't waste Summer, a rhyming Frank Diatribe
March Meese's lawyer calls IRS Aug Nick Danger passes out (again)
March Closed circuit Justice Dept. news Aug Bush convention speech
March Iran contra indictments, Frank Aug Starship, more Bush robot repairs
April Language as hyperbole Sept Max runs into a diplomat
April Poindexter's lawyers build the story Sept Bush TV spot
April Al Gore panders for votes Sept The end of Summer (Frank)
April Frank calls Ambassador Hashneesh Sept Oh Danny Quayle
April Frank/Reagan/Meese phone call Sept Bush/Dukakis debate
May Larry, Moe & Meese Oct Quayle answers a debate question
May Markam laments Bush vs. Dukakis Oct Another Bush/Dukakis debate
May The Bush robot beamed up for repair Oct Yet another debate
May Frank & Max examine Bush's trash Nov Frank wraps up the issues
May We always elect what we want (Markham) Nov Emergency broadcast from the transition
May Letters from listeners Nov Frank calls "Airplane" on drug testing
May "Come to DC" promotion Nov Quayle briefed on funerals
June Nick Danger is hired Nov Protecting Bush's health
June "Come to DC" promo #2 Dec Nick Danger attends a holiday office party
June Carl Rowan handgun commentary
June Nick Danger meets a dame
June Investigating the Pentagon Scandal

If THE DAILY FEED does not appear on your favorite radio ststion, ask the Program Director, "How come, why not, huh?"

© Dryden Clarke Audio, Inc. All politicians' voice tracks used by permission. Sort of.

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