192 Newsreel Cover Art: The G. Bush Cheese Mold

Trickle to a Halt

The Daily Feed 1992 Newsreel


Intro to the '92 Newsreel
Contents, First Edition
The Pre-Convention Side The Pre-Election Side
Scene IV, Neil Bush with George in the Japans The Search for Bush, aboard the Styrofoam
The January alien registration spot A Bush Environmental Press Conference
January TV News Headlines Scene XI, The Neil Bush Plays
The Quayle Mars Mission, a documentary Max engenders the appeal of Perot
Tracking The Recovery (for the campaign) Bushy the Squirrel, with Vice MooseWinkle Dan
A letter to Boosh from Saddam Saddam, still nervous in his bunker
The State of the Union Behind the scenes at the Perot campaign
Frank & Max Predictions Willie Horton's latest TV spots
Tracking The Recovery, more good news The annual DON'T WASTE SUMMER sermon
A Max generic campaign speech The Styrofoam reaches Repiblicus
Emily Putz Thoreau, her family background Party Time, the summer realignment
Bush's response to Buchanan in New Hampshire Yet another Styrofoam episode
Scene X, The Neil Bush Tragedies Max approximates a Bush phone call
A tax break board game Frank's suggestions for Mr. Bush
Max running THE HOUSE BANK The Quayle definition of good journalism
A public TV fund raiser Selling Republican real estate
House Post Office Check Cashing Drug Sales Non-partisan American jets over Iraq
A special offer from news packagers A campaign commercial
Zhwing Into Spring, a Frank diatribe (3/20/92) A debate video game
Max explains how to hold off a cold virus NationWide's annual lawyer sale
The Bush robot aboard the Starship Styrofoam The time machine reveals political futures
Political Argument, a TV talk show Frank & Max read your debate questions
Bush calls in to POLLS R US The debate breakthrough, a simulation
Daily Feed voice mail political contributions The Bush debate coach
Latest Cheese Mold Offers The 1992 Cheese Mold Election Collection
Tracking The Recovery, staggering confidence The VP debate, slightly unedited
The Rio Earth Summit board game A typical Bush debate response
Dial-A-Rhyme Max & Frank read another debate format
The traditional summer Lyme disease update Halloweenies, a White House Trick or treat
The Lawyer Channel Revealing dirty tricks, Perot's press style
E. Putz Thoreau's Ross Perot Song

Liner Notes

The last year of incomplete sentences. But this year even more so. Because this piece of cardboard went to the printer even earlier than before, therefore the above contents were subject to changes influenced by the balloting of listeners who proximate the cutting edge of the Washington-Baltimore precincts. Not only may unlisted pieces appear, but some that are may not. Or the order may have changed. Or maybe we made all this up.

COVER: The George Bush Commemorative Cheese Carving available through The Frank Benlin Mint. (Not included in the 1992 Cheese Mold Collection, see Parade Magazine). Cover Art: Lisbeth Sabol.

Thanks to Mike Rosson, Chris Thompson, Stacie Ficerai, Jeff Henderson, Jeff Comer, Richard Lino, and last names not least but also Connie, Dan, David, Larry, John, Liz, Sam, Sarah, Simon, Tim, Tom, Wes, WHFS & Zeke .....

© Dryden Clarke Audio, Inc. Dan Quayle appears courtesy of Ephemeral Records

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