90 Newsreel Cover Art: The EOB as seen from the OTS & FDIC.

This S&L Aberrant

The Daily Feed 1990 Newsreel


The Daily Feed 1990 Newsreel

(This Isn't Elaborate)

Second Edition

Side One Side Two
JAN Time Banditing - The Leap Second JUL |Movies II - Peter Markham's summer sequels song
JAN Exxon's Response to the New York Harbor Spill JUL Mr. D. Fault - another S&L Story
JAN Max answers questions on Mayor Barry's arrest JUL Apples & Oranges - Summer Lyme Disease
JAN Predictions From Frank & Max AUG George Jetson Walker Bush at the Barry Trial
FEB Max forecasts Reagan's Poindexter testimony JUL Dream Trust - Frank recalls an S&L nightmare
FEB Peter Markham's Business Tips - The Best Buys AUG Max teaches summer school current events
MAR Frog Gig - The Global Frog Crisis AUG Scene II, The Max Neil Bush Play
MAR Frank on the Shuttle & Max on which Starship? AUG Confessions of a Modern Max (DOS)
MAR Troll Free - The IRS Caller Hotline AUG Sa-Damn Hussein: The Unity he's brought
APR Nationwide Legal Clinic's Reorganization Sale AUG Saddam's Spin Doctors, PR from Baghdad
MAR Max fills out the long form (Census) for Frank SEP Bushy The Squirrel, with Vice QuayleWinkle Dan
MAY Cheese Mold - from the Franklin Benlin Mint SEP Saddami-TV, Hussein's TV Address to America
APR Understanding Islam, a thoughtful dialogue SEP Colder Than Summer, Frank's Annual Lament
MAY A Fix on the Dish - Max repairs the Hubble SEP Oil Conspiracy - Who's Behind It?
MAY OmbudsMax - A defense of Max's Journalism SEP The Federal Budget Board Game
MAY Max Knobny's Funniest Hidden Home Videos SEP Saddamity - Markham on Hussein's Global Impacts
JUN Bush Laments Qualye's Passing (news conference) SEP Listener OmbudsPersons - Letters About the Budget
JUN Pistachio & Other Nuts - Iran's Legal Claims SEP The Fix - The Return of the Starship Styrofoam
JUN Markham looks at Feds vs Mayor Barry SEP Saint Saddam - Uses Max's Body for an interview
JUN Come See DC - Washington's Summer Tourism Promo OCT A Spot on His Image - Political TV Commercials
JUN The Flag Ammendment - a Frank discussion OCT Max Wins the Nobel Prize for Radio Art
JUN Ready 2 Take OFF - Congressional Recess Schedule OCT What Goes Up - Why Oil Prices Won't Drop Quickly
JUL Tone Death - Max installs a voice mail system OCT Like a Dream - Saddam dreams of the prophet Moe
JUL 214 - Independence Day, a Frank commentary OCT Ruff, Ruff, Ruff - Politicians' Dogs
JUL Tax Dance - Replays of the READ MY LIPS Pledge NOV It's How You Act, Too - The Neil Bush Play, Act II
JUL The Marion Berry sting/arrest video DEC Holiday toy safety reviews: Hover Boards
JUL Mid Summer Transparencies - beach snapshots NOV Who Was That Masked Man? Cheerios! to the Drug Czar
JUL Max answers questions as Bush might respond DEC Medley: Peter Markham mourns for the Drug Czar
AUG Rip N Read - USA OK Radio News Headlines DEC The American Satirical Society laments Bill Bennett's
RNC resignation, & Fade Out from politics
JUL The S&L Theatre - Max writes a Neil Bush play
JUL Mediterranean MaxSong - The Exxon Valdez returns

Dedicated to George Lutrario
PHOTO: The EOB as seen from the OTS as well as from the FDIC, which were too ugly to shoot, but people working "inside" these S&L fixtures don't see that when they look outside. They see this. What a country!

Thanks to Dan Ruskin, Jeff Henderson, Mike Dawson, David Einstein, Marcia Tilchin, David Allison, Richard Lion, JAF Ford, James Woodruff, Zhon Dreedon, Connie Regan & Sarah Knoll of Conagrahics, Mike, Mark, Wes, Stacie, Dan (Did I say Dan?), You (that;s you) and WHFS-FM.
Max either thanks Leon or apologizes to him.

© 1990 Dryden Clarke Audio, Inc. Bill Bennett appears courtesy of Nico-Teen Records

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