Reagan's Greatest Hits Cover Art: Ronnie colorized line drawing

Reagan's Greatest Hits

The Daily Feed  Newsreel

Now Re-Mastered On 2 CDs
Home Made - Burned In DC Studio
Signed by Max and Frank
(No Graphic Art)

Slightly altered recorded Ronald Reagan speeches and press conferences (1982-1988) as edited by the satirical desk of The Daily Feed.    Six years of edited Reagan speeches and Max/Reagan Press Conferences, Feb 1982 through Sept 1988 with a bonus Jan 1989 cut on second edition newsreels.
Side One Side Two
Date Program Subject Date Program Subject
RealAudio 14.4/28.8 1982 Feb State of the Union 1986 Jan. Press conference, lie detectors
1982 March Central America Message 1986 Feb. State of the Union
1982 May Politics as usual speech 1986 Feb.

Press Conference,
overweight Govt. employees

1982 Aug. New Taxes (from a TV speech)
1982 Sept. Mideast speech 1986 June

Press conference, Hunger &
family planning

1982 Oct. Stay the course speech
1982 Nov. Nuclear Arms speech 1986 Aug.

Press Conf. about Bush failing
drug test

1983 Jan. more State of the Union
1983 Oct. Press Conference, elections 1986 Oct.

UN Speech on Soviets and
the summit

1984 May Communism speech
1984 June

Press Conference,
Carter Briefing book

1986 Oct. Iceland Speech
1986 Dec. Press conference, Iran Contra
1984 Aug. Political press conference 1986 Dec. Meese Press Conf., Iran Contra
1984 Oct.

Bush press conference
(from Ferraro debate)

1986 Dec. another Meese Iran press conf.
1986 Dec.

Bush message from
captivity in Iran

1984 Oct.

Walter debate

1987 Jan. New Year's speech
1984 Oct.

Reagan/Mondale mental
acuity test

1987 Feb. State of the Union
1987 March Phone call from hiding
1984 Oct. Reagan TV spot 1987 March Iran speech
1984 Oct. Armageddon 1987 April

Press conf. selling
presidency to Bush

1984 Oct. The Bush unit
1984 Dec. Budget press conference 1987 June Post Venice summit speech
1985 Jan.

Reagan/Max press conf.
crime within administration

1987 Aug. Meese Iran hearings
1987 Aug. Sppech, Contra, Bork
1985 Jan. State of the Union 1987 Oct. The Bush robot
1985 Farming press conference 1987 Nov.

Press conference,
the stock market

1985 April Red dress press conference
1985 June tax reform speech 1987 Nov. Speech to renominate Bork
1985 June Radio Marti 1987 Nov. Press conference, the deficit
1985 Sept. Star Wars press conference 1987 Dec. TV interview about Bush
1985 Nov. Post-summit anti-Soviet speech 1988 Feb. State of the Union
1985 Dec. People to people contacts speech 1988 March

Press conference,

1985 Dec. Post Geneva summit speech
1988 Aug. Speech, republican convention
1988 Sept. another from the convention

Second edition copies only:

1989 Jan. Radio-TV Farewell address

If THE DAILY FEED does not appear on your favorite radio station, have the Program Director call us for a demo.

© 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 Dryden Clarke Audio, Inc. All voice tracks of political figures appear as originally recorded, except where edited.

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