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Search Through Old Film Cans

A Search Through Some Old Film Cans

While The Daily Feed has always been an aural experience, we have accumulated some visual baggage that, until now, we've not been able to present. In honor of our fifteenth year in existence (and because we have a medium in which to do it) we present some of the chaff.

Click on the thumbcan to see the full sized image. New images will be posted weekly so stop back to see more of The Daily Feed.

First draft of '96 Newsreel Cover Artwork
The Daily Feed Postcard
Another image cut from the '96
Outtake from the photo shoot
Boris Animated GIF
Peter Markham in studio
Frank Benlin?
Max Knobny?
A former studio
The UnaBobber
The UnaBill
Boris Does The Chicken Dance
Charles' Friend
Single Film Can
Watch this Can
More To Come

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