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Ok so here's the scoop. The directions on this page are for Windows 95 (W95) & Windows 3.xx (W3). The Windows 3.xx instructions were provided by listener <> (Thanks!). Dave Kramer <> supplied the NEW! instructions and converted the sound bites for Mac.
Get the files you like saved to your disk, (if your browser didn't let you get them from the imagemap on the previous page, you'll find standard links for them all at the bottom). If you downloaded the self extracting archive, simply find it with your File Manager (or Windows Explorer), move it to where you want the files to reside, and double click (or Run) it to get the .WAVs out.
Step 1: W95: Press the Start button, go up to the Settings submenu and click on Control Panel.
W3: Goto the Program Manager Group and double click the Control Panel icon.
Step 2: Find the Sounds (W95) or Sound (W3) icon and double click it. You'll see a window similar to the image below.
Sounds Properties(W95)
Step 3: Scroll down until you find the events you want to change, like those shown here. All four applicable events will be obvious. W95: If they have a little speaker icon next to them, click on one to highlight it (like I've done here) and press the button to the right of the Preview icon to hear what is associated with that event now. You should hear good old Mr. Familiar. W3: Click on one then press the Test to hear it.
Step 4: W95 Click the Browse... button and use the popup that appears to hunt down the .wav file you've downloaded that you want to go with the event. Once selected, you'll be back here and can preview it again to make sure it's the one you wanted. W3: Use the Files list to move to where you've saved the files (better yet, get them into the C:\WINDOWS directory before this so you don't have to hunt). Remember that the [..] moves you up one directory. Press the Test button a few times with the Event & File selected.
Step 5: That's it! Do the others the same way then press the OK button when you're all done. Now you'll hear Max instead of AOL-guy next time you login.

Mac listeners, get yerz here!

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Here they are again:
Self Extracting Archive of All of Them [271KB]
Welcome [13KB]
Hey, You got on! [22KB]
You again? [18KB]
Start the Clock! [18KB]
You've Got Mail
You've got mail [21KB]
You've got snail [22KB]
Here's your damn mail [25KB]
You've got tail [20KB]
You've got jail [22KB]
You've got bail [20KB]
You got pale [19KB]
File's Done
File's done [17KB]
Trial's done [21KB]
Pile's done [18KB]
Hey, pay attention over here! [30KB]
Too late, another virus! [26KB]
Goodbye [13KB]
G'won now, git! [16KB]
'Bout time you got off [24KB]
Hey where ya goin'? [24KB]

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