Where's Frank And Max?

On a cold Monday morning, Frank's morning as it is speculated, to fill up the Cessna for the Max and Frank traffic report, an anomaly occurred. Frank swears that it was not his turn to check the gas and Max argues that it should always be the same guy each day so that the plane always has fuel, and this kind of thing would never happen.
Not The Daily Feed Plane
Not the Daily Feed Plane: Before
Not The Daily Feed Plane Crash
After (incredibly realistic simulation*)
* Simulation imagery courtesy of one of our friends on eBay
Frank and Max will fully recuperate, but they were both severely under the weather for a while, and unable to carry on their supplemental jobs which paid the rent on the studio. Between the two pseudo journalists, they suffered loss of health, as well as loss of health care, stamina, voice, and the lease on the studio building. The studio facility is moving to a better place where a complete recovery of the radio product as well as the health of Frank and Max is underway.
We're Moving We're Moving We're Moving
Many might argue that the best is yet to come, since certainly the material which fuels our interests remains humorous and compelling.
It's all taking longer than anticipated; Frank has not allowed it to dampen his spirits, whereas Max gets a bit petulant at times and refuses to allow anyone to hear his voice until it's back to normal. As if.
They are offering a series of mostly published pieces until approximately the second week of June, '06. We all hope you'll listen, enjoy, and return for both the daily product, and the podcast product that many have requested, later this year. Our thanks for all your warm wishes so far.
Meanwhile, feel free to keep Sydd busy with requests of previous feeds via our Feedback page.

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