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Here's the text of an email The Daily Feed received recently from helpful listener Robert Hight. We were able to locate the ResEdit program he mentions at the MacHacks site (our thanks to them) but as he says, you can also get it from Apple. MacHacks is a site well worth the visit for you Mac-ites (Mac-ers? Mac-ians? Mac-ish?) but here's the direct URL for the program:
      It appears that, at least for me, Mac users have a bit of a problem
 downloading the Real Audio Files.  When they are downloaded, using Netscape
 4.04 at least, it gives you two options to save as.  The first is text (which
 Real Player doesn't recognize) and the other is source, which Netscape
 interprets as "Simple Text" (which Real Player also doesn't recognize.)
      The process I used to down load the documents in a reable format is as

 1.  Save the document as source.  It will appear as a Simple Text Document,
 but will actually be in the right format.  Unfortunately Real Player won't
 recognize it so you have to go to the next step.

 2.  Using ResEdit (Available free from Apple) select from the "File" menu "Get
 File/Folder Info..." on the Simple Text file you downloaded.

 3.  Change the Blocks entitled "Type:"  from "ttro" to "PNRA" and "Creator:"
 from "ttxt" to "PNst"

 4.  Save and close the info window.  The file should now appear as a Real
 Player Document ready to be played.

 Hope this helps other Mac people who have felt trapped...

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